Yellow Antelope

The yellow antelope came across the road at the exact time when Alice Weiss drove her old car. She was on her way to see the yellow antelope and make a slight shortcut through the yellow antelope reservation. Alice stopped and got off her car amazed to see the yellow antelope with its beautiful horns, strong back which are common to yellow antelope and legs with enormous speed. The yellow antelope, when notice Alice, had started to increase its steps moving the other side of the road.

When Alice arrived home she first of all opened an old nature book in order to read about the yellow antelope. She get to know that the yellow antelope is considered as an extinct mammal. According to records that were disclosed recently in yellow antelope place in Argentina it seems that yellow antelope is a quite ancient animal. Actually there are a few proofs that the yellow antelope appeared on earth from about 2300 years ago.

In her way back from the meeting Alice took again the road via the yellow antelope reservation park. She silenced her track engine at the exact spot where the yellow antelope has crossed earlier, she looked to see if the yellow antelope will appear again. But the yellow antelope didn't show up. Alice entered her car and almost pressed the gas to move on the road, when suddenly the yellow antelope came out from among the bushes for a few minutes before the yellow antelope has disappeared again.